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Fresh, new creative ways to re-tell the biblical stories. Our church loved the musicals!                                                      Karen Chraska, Minister of Music, Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church                                                                                             

Welcome to Christ-Drama Publishing. Here you will find information on exciting and original Christian drama productions. Our Broadway style Easter musical and our one act Christmas musical can provide fresh new quality material for your Christian drama ministry. Also available are seasonal songs for solo and SATB choir with music composed by two time EMMY winner Frank Hames.

The Cup Musical, Christ-Drama Publishing

A Broadway style musical that portrays the Easter story in a stirring, not-so-typical way. A carefully crafted script combined with new original music leaves audiences with a totally fresh look at the last days of Jesus' earthly ministry.

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The Tree Musical, Christ-Drama Publishing

A new Christmas musical about a young boy and girl whose father owns the stable where Mary and Joseph stay. It can be performed as a musical with original songs, or as a drama.

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New Christmas and Easter Songs, Christ-Drama Publishing

For choir or solo performance. Original Christian music composed by EMMY winner Frank Hames, lyrics by Jack Hurst.

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The Use of Drama to Inspire Christian Faith

The two most important ministries to emerge in recent years are Christian Contemporary Music and Christian Drama. While some churches have seen shrinking membership, others using these powerful ministries have experienced tremendous growth. Christian drama is being used all over the world in numerous ways, from Christmas plays, Easter plays, Church plays, skits and sketches, to full size Church dramas and Broadway style musicals.

The use of drama as a communication tool in the Christian faith is not new. The tradition of drama goes all the way back to Biblical times. The use of short stories, or parables, was one of Jesus' most powerful ways of teaching lessons. In fact, one might say that the greatest story ever written was God's Word, the Bible.

Music and drama are powerful gifts that God, through his grace, has given us to not only worship and praise Him but to reach out to the unchurched. Through the use of Christian drama, whether it be musicals, church plays, sketches, skits or any other form of dramatic art, the message of redemption can be wonderfully experienced in a new, relevant and modern way.

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